For a subdevision of Damen Shipyards, Ankers and Chains, I made an animation frame by frame to experiment the oppertunities of this style in B2B infomercials. They wanted an animation to help them start off a presentation and conversation with the clients.

Damen shipyards is a huge company that build and repair ships and for this project the wanted to update their staff about their SSD (Self service desk). Because the last animation (to view, scroll down to the end) was based on a graphic page of the Damen magazine, it didnt’ represent the IT department and we had to redesign. Damen gave me full freedom in doing that, and I hope that this trend will continue.

They asked me to develop characters based on two of their directors and make them talk about their new system that makes internal communications better. I had to make this happen in one week and I can honestly say that I still never missed a deadline! (Voice-over is done by Vloedlicht Producties and music and sound is added by me)